You have just taken the first step to becoming an income tax preparer.

The ITP Income Tax Courses will teach you the basics you will need to prepare returns from the simplest Salary and Wage to the more complex topics of taxation including the GST. Feel the confidence hundreds of our past students have felt.

Who should apply ?

Our tax school is for people like you, eager to learn & earn. No previous financial experience is necessary & there are no restrictions based on education levels.

Why you should apply ?

Tax has become a 'nightmare'. Laws are constantly changing & becoming more complex. ATO penalties are on the increase.

  • You can gain more knowledge, as well as earn an income from a new exciting career as a Tax consultant.
  • The courses will help those of you requiring experience for the Tax Agents Board, CPA or CA program.
  • Qualifying graduates of the course will be invited to work for us.
  • Most part time employees are given the opportunity to work each season with free updates.

About the School

Our lecturers are Registered Tax Agents or experienced I.T.P. Senior Managers engaged in tax work all year round. Sessions include lecture notes with practical use of actual tax forms and schedules. Computer preparation and lodgement is taught in course (c)

Where and When ?

Lectures will be conducted at :
667 Pittwater Road, Dee Why
Suite 2/17-19 Hunter St, Hornsby

Starting dates are on your enrolment forms.

What's next ?

Click here to Download the enrollment form
Fill in the details and return via one of the methods listed on the form

What sort of topics will you be studying ?

All the basics of Tax preparation including current changes such as the GST.

See below for more detail

Course (a) Essential Theory
  1. Lodgement Requirements and Return Heading. Duties and Responsibilities of a Tax Agent. The Self-Assessment system.
  2. Income- Sal & Wages, Pensions, Allowances, etc. Eligible Termination Payments.
  3. Deductions- Clothing, Tools, Education, etc. Substantiation Requirements.
  4. Depreciation.
  5. Motor Vehicle Expenses. Alternative Bases of Claiming Car Expenses.
  6. Tax and Medicare Levy Calculations.
  7. Offsets- Spouse, Super, Annuity, Pension/ Beneficiary, Lumpsum, Income Arrears etc.
  8. Rental Property Income and Expenses.
  9. Examination.
Course (b) Further Theory
  1. Supplement Income- Partnerships, Trusts, Personal Services Income, Capital Gains, Foreign Income, etc.
  2. Supplement Deductions & Tax Offsets. Film Industry Incentives, Non-employer super, Zone offset, medical Offset, etc
  3. PAYG Instalments- Rate, Timing, Exemptions
  4. Declarations & Penalties- ELS, EFT Consent, Amendments, Taxpayer Leaving Country, Objections, Non-Resident Tax.
  5. Business / Professional Returns - GST.
  6. Partnerships - Dissolution/Reconstitution of a Partnership, Death of Partner, Wages, Capital Gains.
  7. Primary Producers- Income and Expenditure. Equalization Deposits.
  8. The GST- A complete overview.
  9. Final Examination.
Course (c) Practical Topics
(For ITP employed students only.)
  1. Client Interview Techniques.
  2. Related Services.
  3. Handling Inquires, Objections, Complaints etc.
  4. Auditing Tax Returns.
  5. Fees - Methods of Assessing charges.
  6. Office Procedures, Appointments, Lodging, Filing, Photocopying etc.
  7. Tax Department Audits.
  8. Computer preparation & Electronic Lodgments
  9. Fee From Refund Service.
* We reserve the right to change, modify, add or delete any of the above.
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